Contract Introduction

What Are Smart Contracts

Smart contracts essentially are codes. They are computer programs running on books that can be shared and copied. They can process information, receive, store and send values.

A smart contract program is more than just an automated computer program. It’s more like a participant of the system, you can think of it as an absolutely credible person. He is responsible for temporary custody of your assets, and strictly follow the rules agreed upon in advance.

FIBOS supports development of blockchain smart contracts by JavaScript. The written and released JS smart contracts, in addition to being in JS file, also have a contract ABI file.


Working Principle

Bulid → Storage → Perform

Future Expansions

Smart contracts is the basic building blocks of a truly global economy,for that anyone can access the global economy, as pre-approval and high costs asssociated in advance are not needed. They also remove the need for trust of third parties for many economic transactions, in other cases, they can also transfer trust to the trust worthy individuals and institutions.